Faith Meets World


Faith Meets World cover

First Place: General Interest, 2014 Excellence in Catholic Publishing Awards (Assoc. of Catholic Publishers)


Third Place: Popular Presentation of Catholic Faith, 2014 Catholic Press Association Awards


A U.S Catholic Book Club Selection!


“This is a great book. Whether you are liberal or conservative in your outlook, this book offers very helpful insights into the background and the deeper meaning of the teachings we all find challenging to live.”

— Sheila Gilbert, National President, St. Vincent de Paul Society, USA


“Hudock does an excellent job of explaining not just Catholic social teaching in terms all can grasp, but how the principles of Catholic social teaching are based on traditional Catholic values, values cherished by both conservative and liberal Catholics…. He explains [Catholic social teaching] with common language that makes Faith Meets World an excellent choice for a Catholic book club, for small groups and adult continuing education programs. The language is simple enough that the book would make a good text for high school-age faith formation, religion classes, and youth ministry…. Those whose passion is focused in the prolife area will especially appreciate how he connects abortion to the Catholic social principle of solidarity.”

The St. Cloud Visitor (read the entire review here)


“While the book’s clear, everyday examples shed light on what is often called the church’s ‘best kept secret,’ Faith Meets World still leaves room for readers to explore both the beauty and the challenges inherent in Catholic social teaching.”

U.S. Catholic magazine


“A lifelong Catholic, and one who considers himself well-read, I have never found a book about the great tradition and wealth of Catholic social teaching that is as practical and as easy to read as this. [It] reminds us that our faith is even more challenging than it is comforting, for once I have tasted that Perfect Love, my life can never ever be the same.”

— Amazon reviewer


Faith Meets World introduces readers to what Peter Maurin called “the dynamite of the Church” — the basic ideas and principles of Catholic Social Teaching (CST). These principles offer a moral framework that is as ancient as the scriptures but a crucial tool for engaging our contemporary contexts and social networks.

In a style that is clear and engaging, Barry Hudock explains the framework for CST (its “big ideas”) and how to put these ideas in action as we go about living our daily lives. What do we mean by human dignity, solidarity, human rights, the common good, universal destination of goods, preferential option for the poor, and subsidiarity? How do these ideas apply to our lives, and why should we live by them? Discover how the gospel and CST go hand in hand as you read, discover, and strive to apply our faith’s social teaching through Faith Meets World.

More on the book in this quirky post. There’s newspaper coverage here and here, and a photo sent by an appreciative reader here.

You can buy it online from Liguori Publications, an independent bookstore (like the Saint Patrick’s Guild in St. Paul, Minnesota!), Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.


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