Some published articles I have written

On Catholic social teaching:

“Preaching on Catholic Social Teaching,” The Priest (July 2017)

“A Larger Solidarity: Populorum Progressio at Fifty,” Commonweal (2/23/17)

“A Celebration of Life: Pennsylvania parish has a creative approach to Jan. 22,” The Priest (January 2017)

“’In Accord with Justice and Truth’: What is the importance of Dignitatis Humanae?” The Catholic Answer (September/October 2016)

“Religious Freedom or Culture War?” Sojourners (August 2016)

Laudato Si’ comes to life at the local level,” OSV Newsweekly (6/3/16)

“U.S. bishops’ pro-life leader Richard Doerflinger retires,” OSV Newsweekly (4/25/16)

“The Other Conflict behind Dignitatis Humanae,” Commonweal (2/11/16)

“What is the Church’s stance on socialism?” OSV Newsweekly (2/10/16)

“Would Pope Francis approve of Paris climate deal?” OSV Newsweekly (1/6/16)america cover

“The Fight for Religious Freedom: John Courtney Murray’s role in Dignitatis Humanae America (11/30/15)

“Living Laudato Si (a series of 4 articles on different ways the Pope’s encyclical can be lived in concrete ways), OSV Newsweekly (8/23/15)

“Advocating for the unborn” (book review of Charles Camosy’s Beyond the Abortion Wars), OSV Newsweekly (6/10/25)

“A call to conversation: Let’s rethink the economics of raising a family today,” OSV Newsweekly (3/18/15)

“Pope Francis and Catholic social teaching,” OSV Newsweekly (5/5/13)

Pacem in Terris, A Half-century Later,” OSV Newsweekly (4/7/2013)

“True Then, Truer Now: Sollicitudo Rei Socialis at Twenty-Five,” Commonweal (12/31/12)

“How Much Do You Really Own?” (on the universal destination of goods), U.S. Catholic (10/15/12)

On Appalachia:

“Appalachian Spring,” Sojourners (July 2016)

“40 years later, challenges persist in ‘This Land,'” OSV Newsweekly (1/28/15)

“‘A Judgement upon Us All’: Poverty in Appalachia,” Commonweal (3/18/13)

“Land Lady” (profile of Jeannie Kirkhope), U.S. Catholic (March 2012)

On saints and other fascinating people:

“Heroism and Holiness in Hellish Circumstances,” The Priest (November 2017)

“In 1918, this American Catholic accepted a death sentence rather than go to war” (on Ben Salmon), America (9/22/17)

“The pope who confronted the French Revolution,” OSV Newsweekly (9/13/17)

“Family of orders carries on legacy of service to the poor” (on Mother Teresa’s legacy), OSV Newsweekly (8/30/16)

“Answering the call to quench the ‘thirst of Jesus’” (on Mother Teresa), OSV Newsweekly (8/29/16)

“Documentary sheds new light on John Paul II,” OSV Newsweekly (6/13/16)

Summa Theologica: The ‘glory of the Catholic Faith,’” OSV Newsweekly (2/10/16)

“200 years later, Oblates continue founder’s mission,” OSV Newsweekly (1/20/16)

“Philadelphia: A city of saints,” OSV Newsweekly (9/11/15)

“‘No to Violence!’ Who was Oscar Romero?” The Catholic Answer (September/October 2015)

“How to work toward interfaith understanding” (profile of Jordan Denari), U.S. Catholic (September 2015)

“Who Is Celestine Bottego?” OSV Newsweekly (8/5/15)

“500 years later, Philip Neri still a witness to joy,” OSV Newsweekly (7/1/15)

“The Martyrdom of Archbishop Oscar Romero,” (with several related accompanying articles, including one of Fr. Rutilio Grande) OSV Newsweekly (3/11/15)

“Slain Archbishop Romero to be beatified,” OSV Newsweekly (2/11/15)

“John XXIII and John Paul II: Cut from the Same Cloth,” OSV Newsweekly (4/27/14)

“The Legacy of St. John XXIII,” OSV Newsweekly (4/27/14)

“The Legacy of St. John Paul II,” OSV Newsweekly (4/27/14)

“Beloved Popes Inspired Generations of Priests,” OSV Newsweekly (4/27/14)

“Council of Trent shaped key Church doctrines and reformed the clergy,” OSV Newsweekly (12/8/13)

“A Dangerous Woman” (profile of Sheila Gilbert), U.S. CatholiAmerica coverc (April 2013)

“Cesar’s Choice” (on Cesar Chavez), America (8/27/12)

“Marking 800th anniversary of ‘luminous’ saint’s consecration” (on St. Clare of Assisi), OSV Newsweekly (8/12/12)

“The Life and Leadership of St. Hildegard,” OSV Newsweekly (6/17/12)

“Meditating on Mary” (on John Paul II’s encyclical Redemptoris Mater), OSV Newsweekly (3/25/12)

On liturgy:

“A Supplement for the Masses,” OSV Newsweekly (3/22/17)

“Changes coming to the marriage rite in the U.S.,” OSV Newsweekly (12/16/15)

“You Say You Want a Revolution? Cardinal Ottaviani’s October 30, 1962, Council Intervention,” Pray Tell blog (12/3/13)

“Virgil Michel, Help Us Connect Liturgy and Justice,” Pray Tell blog (12/8/12)

“Revealing Overlooked Roman Missal Changes,” OSV Newsweekly (12/11/11)

Et cetera:

“Our Lady brings ‘Good Help’ to Wisconsin,” OSV Newsweekly (8/16/17)

“Telegraphing Treachery,” VFW Magazine (August 2017)

“Reorganization Nation,” The Priest (May 2017)

A Man for All Seasons turns 50,” OSV Newsweekly (12/12/16)

“A Civil Holiday with a Catholic Twist,” The Priest (November 2016)

“The uncomfortable gifts Pope Francis offered Fidel Castro,” OSV Newsweekly (10/29/15)

“Understanding the roots and traditions of jubilees,” OSV Newsweekly (4/8/15)

“Interplay of Cosmology, Revelation,” OSV Newsweekly (1/29/12)


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