New The Priest article on widespread diocesan reorganizations

The May issue of The Priest includes my new article, “Reorganization Nation,” on the now commonplace practice of large-scale diocesan parish reorganization. These processes respond, of course, to the realities facing Catholic dioceses in many parts of the U.S. today. The article explores the reasons for the trend, the principles that are taking priority in carrying them out, and the expected results.

The article is here.


New OSV article on the new Lectionary Supplement

This month the Church in the United States receives a new liturgical book, the Lectionary for Mass Supplement. Since the current Lectionary was published (between 1998 and 2002), several new elements have been added to the liturgical calendar that call for new sets of readings for Mass. Of course, many new saints and their feast days are an important part of that. There are also new votive Masses. And there’s a fascinating new option for a Mass on the Vigil of Pentecost. Readings for all of this, and more, are provided in the new Lectionary for Mass Supplement.

My OSV Newsweekly article on the new Lectionary volume is here.