Makes my month!

Well here’s an email that does my heart much good. It came, out of the blue, a few days ago, in reference to my book The Eucharistic Prayer: A User’s Guide.

Dear Barry,

I’m a priest in [major archdiocese], ordained 46+ years. I have tried over those years to deepen my understanding of the Eucharist, reading lots of books and articles and attending occasional workshops, etc. I am writing to thank you for your book on the Eucharistic prayer. You bring together so much history and tradition, and present it in so readable a fashion that I’m sending copies to a couple of young priests with the hope that it will broaden their understanding and piety.
Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the sometimes very cerebral (and not easily followed) literature on his most important subject!
You can’t ask for better mail than that!
(I’d only add that The Eucharistic Prayer is definitely not a book only for priests. The “users” mentioned in the subtitle of the book are all of us. The book explains why that is in great detail.)

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