I’ve been having a little fun over the last few days reading and adding to tweets with the #PopeASong hashtag. Folks have been tweeting “Catholicized” (or Popized or Francisized) versions of popular song titles, like “Every Rosary Has Its Thorn” and “I Wanna Dance With Psalmbody” and “Who Let The Dogmas Out.” You get the picture. Anyway, here are my own entries, all in one place:

“White Smoke on the Water”

“Hot for Preacher”

“The Bishop Is Back”

“I Love Rock ‘n Rome”

Pachelbel’s Canon Law

“Your Love Is Lifting Me Hierarchy”

“Summer Knights of Columbus”

“Proud Virgin Mary”


Wham!’s “Careless Vespers”

The Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Zuchetto) Satisfaction”

“Carmelite Chameleon”

“A Hard Dorothy Day’s Night”

“The Plates Fly Like an Eagle”


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