Reviewed in NCR

A review of my new book was posted yesterday on the National Catholic Reporter website Written by New York Theological Seminary professor Marian Ronan, it also appears in their current print edition.  I enjoyed Ronan’s opening lines:

After four Fortnights for Freedom and multiple Catholic lawsuits over the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act, an observer might well conclude that religious freedom is a fundamental tenet of the Catholic faith. In Struggle, Condemnation, Vindication, Barry Hudock sets readers straight about how recently the Catholic church came to accept religious freedom at all and the fierce battles that preceded such acceptance.

Hudock weaves several plotlines into his narrative of the months and years leading up to the passage of Dignitatis Humanae, the Declaration on Religious Freedom at the Second Vatican Council.

And then there’s the gracious closing line of the review: “Somebody should send a copy of this book to each of the U.S. bishops.”

You can read everything in between here. (And you can get yourself a copy here or here. Thanks for considering it!)

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