The lessons Murray offers, at Pray Tell

This morning, the Pray Tell blog has posted the conclusion to my John Courtney Murray book. Fr. Anthony, the blog’s moderator, introduces the post by noting that the text was “not written with the upcoming 2015 Synod of Bishops explicitly in mind, but it touches upon themes that apply remarkably well to the synod and the conversations now taking place in preparation for it.” About that, he is right.

He’s also right when he notes that it is not my intention to advocate any particular doctrinal (or, for that matter, pastoral) development by the upcoming synod. Indeed, I’m happy to acknowledge my uncertainty and ambivalence about the most controversial issues facing the synod. But Murray’s story certainly may be, as Fr. Anthony says, “helpful in thinking about Christian faithfulness in a rapidly-changing world.”

The Pray Tell post is here.


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