Wuerl’s catechism

The USCCB has made access to the entire text of The United States Catholic Catechism for Adults entirely free on its website. It’s a great resource for Catholics. One of its most winsome and distinctive aspects is the many American saints and holy people who are featured in special biographies at the beginning of each chapter.

Rocco Palmo, in a tweet today, called this new free access “a birthday gift” to Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington. Wuerl turns 74 today. Palmo associates the catechism with Wuerl in particular because he was the chairman of the editorial committee that brought the book into being and was effectively the guiding force behind the project. And it was surely Wuerl’s long and impressive career in teaching the faith in sound and effective ways — including through the authorship of his own remarkable catechism decades earlier — that led the U.S. bishops to entrust this task to him.

Of course, since Donald Wuerl was one of many of the Church’s top hierarchs who were open to conversations, at last month’s Synod, about marriage and family life that might take serious account of its particular difficulties and challenges today, including conversation about the possibility of reception of Communion by the divorced and remarried, that makes him, for some, one of the enemies of the faith today. He’s one of those trying to bring about a dark and false church. Wuerl, clearly, is held strongly in the grip of the dictatorship of relativism that ruled the synod. And all that remarkable and orthodox Catholic teaching we find in the U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults? Well, that’s just a ruse of course, a Trojan horse intended to keep us from realizing he’s really just another “liberal,” biding his time and waiting for just the right moment put his “counterfeit” and “sick” ideas in place.

Fooled us all, didn’t he?


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