Proud of my beloved

Central Minnesota Catholic Worker core group member Toni Hudock (near) readies a pan filled with spaghetti as her daughter, Jianna, 13, works on dessert Sunday before the Joetown Table event at St. Joseph American Legion Post 328.My wife, Toni Hudock (née Triana), has been active in the establishment of the Central Minnesota Catholic Worker over the last couple of years, and yesterday the organization, in cooperation with a few other local churches and groups, sponsored the first monthly community meal in the town of St. Joseph. The meal was free, and the emphasis was more on community building than hunger relief; anyone and everyone were welcome.

When Toni signed on as cook for the event as planning ramped up, I knew those folks had no idea how good they were going to have it. That girl knows cookin’.

So for about three weeks now, Toni has been cooking up large batches of spaghetti sauce, her grandmother’s recipe, in our kitchen at home, in preparation for the event. The house has smelled very fine. She also handled all the other food planning and purchasing for the event. She’s been working hard to make sure the meal was a good one. Yesterday, while I was away on business, it happened, and despite the fact that the weather was terrible, it drew a nice-sized crowd. And those folks got a mighty good meal as a reward for the efforts to brave the blizzard.

That’s Toni there, in the photo from the great St. Cloud Times article, serving up spaghetti. (She’s not thrilled with the photo, but service is hard work, right?) And that’s our daughter Gianna in the background, also hard at work.

A snippet from the article:

In the Legion hall kitchen, cook Toni Hudock of Albany and other volunteers stirred vats of salad and spaghetti, with sauce made from Hudock’s homemade recipe. Hudock said she has seven children, so preparing meals for such a huge group doesn’t daunt her.

“It’s not about the cooking; it’s about who comes to eat it,” Hudock said. “These people came and joined the community today.”

From the article and her own account of how it all went, it sounds like this first of what is intended to be a monthly event, was a success. I’m proud of her.


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