Paul Ford on Beyond Pius V: “Remember to sit down before reading”

Professor Paul Ford has offered an enthusiastic post about Andrea Grillo’s Beyond Pius V over at the Pray Tell blog this weekend. He writes:

I’m spending the holiday weekend reading Andrea Grillo’s Beyond Pius V: Conflicting Interpretations of the Liturgical Reform.

What a bracing book! His passion and clear thinking have grabbed me by the lapels. What must the book be like in the original Italian! Thanks, Barry, for translating it so well and for bringing it out.

I made the mistake of starting by drinking a cup of coffee. I may have to pour a Maker’s Mark!

The Preface, Introduction, and first chapter are online. Remember to sit down before reading.

I’m thrilled that reading the book can be as much of a kick as doing the work of translating it was. Professor Grillo’s thinking is not to be missed by anyone interested in Catholic liturgy today.


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