Francis unmasked

More evidence of the foolishness and unorthodoxy of Pope Francis comes to light on the blogosphere! Another one of them has made himself known, thus unmasking Francis. One of what? One of those people, one of “all the wrong people” whom Pope Francis (secularist dupe that he is) makes “happy”! I’m here referring, of course, to the suggestion made recently by a priest in a letter to Archbishop Chaput that “the problem [with Pope Francis] is that he makes all of the wrong people happy, people who will never believe in the Gospel and who will continue to persecute the Church.” (I reflected a bit on this wise and lovely sentiment here.)

One of these wrong people wrote yesterday to Andrew Sullivan (of course! because Sullivan’s another one of ’em!!) about the moving pictures taken at yesterday’s general audience in St. Peter’s Square of Pope Francis going to a man bearing what most of us would regard as gruesome facial deformities, embracing him, and praying with him. Seeing these pictures, some hellbound soul wrote to Sullivan:

This is the first time I’ve ever been compelled to write you about a non-political issue, but your link to the article about Pope Francis embracing a horribly disfigured man really hit me.

I’m a complete and thorough atheist. I was raised religious, but went away from it very consciously and actively as I rejected the entire logical foundation of religion. I am still as confident in my atheism as I’ve ever been. I preface my thoughts this way merely to put into context the unalloyed awe and admiration I have at the actions this Pope has taken. Acts of profound and sincere compassion are all too rare in this world, and whether those acts come from an atheist or a pope, they are to be treasured and cherish….

In 6 months, Pope Francis has lifted the image of his faith far above anything I’d thought possible in my 28 years of life. May he continue to do so.

Evil, clearly, is afoot. (I am sure the aforementioned priest who wrote to Chaput noted, when he read this, that this atheist is “still as confident in my atheism as I’ve ever been” and shrewdly concluded that Francis clearly is to blame for this.)

Come to think of it, I wonder if Pope Francis stopped to ask the gentleman in the Square whether or not he bears any resentment toward God for his problems? Or maybe the guy was wearing an “I hate God for what he did to me” banner. Probably so, because that’s just the type that damnable Francis seems to appeal to.

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