Exciting feedback on the Grillo translation!

grilloHaving translated Andrea Grillo’s Beyond Pius V: Conflicting Interpretations of the Liturgical Reform from the Italian, I am excited about its upcoming December publication. That’s still a month away, but the positive comments from several scholars who got an early look at its contents have begun coming in. (Click on “Editorial Reviews” at the link above to see them all.) Each of these comments is exciting to see, since it’s a great book and I’m honored to have a hand in bringing it to English-language readers. But I am especially gratified to see this line included in the blurb provided by Patrick Regan, OSB:

Barry Hudock deserves commendation for introducing one of Italy’s most prolific and highly respected theologians to the English-speaking world in such a clear and readable translation.

Fr. Patrick is Professor Emeritus of the Pontifical Athenaeum of Saint Anselm in Rome and a fine scholar of liturgical history and liturgical theology. This comment of his is the first outside feedback I’ve had on the work I did translating Beyond Pius V, so his positive assessment is a hell of a thrill.


One thought on “Exciting feedback on the Grillo translation!

  1. It is indeed, Barry! Congratulations! Regan doesn’t dish out accolades unless he means it. Perhaps “un tradutore” is not always “un traditore”!? 😉

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