The U.S Catholic Bookclub November selection!

Faith Meets World coverI am happy to say that Faith Meets World is the featured pick for November for the U.S. Catholic Book Club! I am honored and excited to learn about it.

Elizabeth Lefebvre, assistant editor at U.S. Catholic, writes this about the book:

We live in a world filled with tough moral questions. In Faith Meets World, author Barry Hudock presents the church’s moral teaching as a guideline for navigating some of these complexities. With human dignity and solidarity as the founding principles of Catholic social teaching, we learn how to serve the common good by living out the heart of the gospel message of love.

Using a blend of secular and Catholic history, Hudock demonstrates how the church has both initiated and responded to changes in society over the past few centuries. And while the book’s clear, everyday examples shed light on what is often called the church’s “best kept secret,” Faith Meets World still leaves room for readers to explore both the beauty and the challenges inherent in Catholic social teaching.

The announcement is here. I believe there are some study questions to come soon on that page. My appreciation and thanks to the good folks at U.S. Catholic and also at Liguori Publications!


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