Pramuk on Gutierrez

9780814682104In a recent blog post, theologian Christopher Pramuk offers a keen reflection on Jesus’s parable about Lazarus and the rich man. What especially caught my attention, though, was Pramuk’s lovely personal reflections on theologian Gustavo Gutierrez, whom I’ve mentioned a few times here recently. A snippet:

When I was a doctoral student at the University of Notre Dame I had the enormous privilege of studying in the orbit of Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez. I took several classes with him, including an independent study involving one-on-one meetings with him every month, usually over lunch, and once even with my newborn daughter in tow — whom Gustavo greeted with childlike joy. I watched him teach from note cards, his mind as razor sharp as his sense of humor, and patiently respond to the questions of twenty year old undergraduates, children of privilege at one of the nation’s wealthiest universities. My oldest son still remembers him as Fr. Gustavo, “the little priest with the accent” who came over to our house to celebrate “house church” with my family and fellow graduate students gathered around a coffee table in our living room. Of course like many others I revered the ground he walked on. Not so much from the cult of celebrity but rather from the sense that the “ground he walked on” was (and is) the same ground trod by Jesus, the prophet and carpenter of Nazareth.

Read the whole post, especially if you’ve never checked out Pramuk’s Hope Sings, So Beautiful blog (related to his book of the same title). It’s well worth a look.


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