Dude, just ask

To the curious person who ended up at this blog today via the search term “is barry hudock a democrat or a republican?”: Hey, all you need to do is ask.

The answer is: neither one.

I have been registered at different points in my life as Republican (in my younger years), Democrat (later in life), and with no party (nowadays). Perhaps I’ll blog about the reasons for that sometime.  (I didn’t realize it was of any interest to anyone other than me!) But the short answer to why I now belong to no party is that I figure it’s a good expression of the fact that I’m Catholic first, that my moral convictions and the political convictions that flow from them are not determined by the party or politicians I support, but the other way around.

And by the way, I love the fact that the answer to the question is not obvious from the content you find on this blog. That tells me I’m doing something right in my approach to political questions and issues that I mention here.


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