Canadian lawmakers say: We don’t want to know

Yesterday, the Canadian Parliament rejected Motion 312, a proposal for a formal review of “when life begins.”

Note first of all what this proposal was not. It did not call for legal recognition of unborn children as persons. It did not call for them even to be recognized as humans. It merely called for a 12-member committee to review evidence on whether a fetus is a human before birth — information that is certainly relevant to the work of Parliament and the laws of the nation of Canada.

The proposal was defeated by a vote of 203–91. It’s hard to avoid the impression that most of Canada’s lawmakers know that the data that would come from such an evidence review would be exceedingly inconvenient and troublesome.

MP Stephen Woodworth, who put forward the proposal, released a statement yesterday that insisted again on “the very, very grave importance of enshrining in Canadian law the equal worth and dignity of every human being.”


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