Jaw-droppingly ironic

The White House now requires unborn babies to be registered as separate guests when pregnant women register for tours of the building.  Full story here.

(And no, the reaction from anti-abortion people is not a failure to miss the bureaucratic point, and not opportunitistically manufactured “fake outrage.”  It is, rather, a recognition of the obvious and stunning irony of the reality of this policy.)

Pastoral Music reviews The Eucharistic Prayer

There’s a review of my book, The Eucharistic Prayer: A User’s Guide, in the May issue of Pastoral Music magazine.  Reviewer James Challancin, pastor of a parish in Michigan, reports that he and his parish liturgy committee worked their way through the book together at their regular meetings.

Among Fr. Challancin’s gracious comments:

Written from the “pew,” The Eucharis­tic Prayer has proved a fine study for lay people without background in liturgical things. The reviewer discovered this with his parish liturgy committee: Meetings always begin with studying something to build up knowledge among the lay members. The committee, working its way through The Eucharistic Prayer, found the concepts both within their grasp and surprising. It is especially enlightening for lay people to discover that the Eucharistic Prayer is not exclusively that of the priest, but all assembled have a part.


Every study of liturgy struggles to show its connection with the rest of life. Hudock is especially successful in uniting the two.


Chapters are very short, and the lan­guage is simple, non-technical. Yet there are numerous footnotes. One realizes that Hudock has distilled the finest theological research on the Eucharistic Prayer and made it available to the average person who wants to know more.

The entire review is available here, in a .pdf of the two pages from Pastoral Music where it appears. My thanks to Dr. Gordon Truitt, the magazine’s editor, for permission to post the file here.