Getting started

Though I’d love to be able to present one of those great blogs that is updated daily with lots of rich and extensive content, that’s not going to happen. I’m raising a family that includes seven children, I work full time, and my writing takes third place after both of those parts of life.  To attempt daily, high-powered blogging would be nuts. That’s not what this is about.

My intention here is more modest. It will simply be a place with occasional information, reflection, updates and resources related to my writing, for those who might be interested or curious.

As you can see, that means Catholic stuff, but beneath that heading, my interests vary. I write about whatever happens to be interesting me. Right now I’m working on a book about Catholic social teaching, to be published in spring 2013 by Liguori Publications. So my mind is there a lot, and this blog will likely be there a lot, too.

But I’m also very interested in liturgy and sacraments. I have an STL in sacramental theology from the Catholic University of America, and my first book was The Eucharistic Prayer: A User’s Guide (Liturgical Press, 2010). (Well, it’s my first book using my own name. I did several with a pen name, also Catholic in nature, in years prior, but that’s another story for another time.)

For more on me and my work, see the About and Books pages of this blog.


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