First link

My thanks to Sharron Blezard at Adventures in Thanks-Living, which has become the very first blog (or website of any kind) to link to this new blog of mine. Sharron linked to yesterday’s post on the 32nd anniversary of Oscar Romero’s martyrdom, in a fine post of her own on Romero (which includes a beautiful icon of him that I’d never seen).

Nice to see that Adventures in Thanks-Living is also a relatively new blog, and one well worth visiting.  Because it is, and in gratitude, I’ve added it to my blogroll on the right.

Thanks, Sharron.  God bless and best of luck with the blog.

Redemptoris Mater, 25 years on

This Sunday marks the 25th anniversary of the publication of Pope John Paul II’s landmark encyclical on Mary, Redemptoris Mater (“The Mother of the Redeemer”).  It’s a fascinating document.  Consider:

  • it’s the longest papal document on Mary in the history of the Church
  • it pays more attention to ecumenical concerns than any other Marian document (taking serious account of both the divisions between Catholicism and Protestantism on the topic, as well as the profound unity between Catholicism and the Orthodox world)
  • it offers extensive scriptural exegesis on Bible passages that refer to Mary (in far more depth than the typical ‘proof texting’ of many other documents)
  • it goes into greater depth on the topic of Mary’s role as mediator than any other papal statement

Like I said, fascinating.

My article marking the anniversary appears in this week’s Our Sunday Visitor.  It explores the encyclical a bit and considers its importance and legacy with a perspective of 25 years. The article is available online here.