And now for something a little different…New article in VFW Magazine

Faith, theology, and church matters have always been the focus of my freelance work. But history has long been a side interest of mine. So earlier this year I decided to try exploring a bit in that area with my work. I’m glad I did, because I thoroughly enjoyed my first foray in this direction.

That effort is offered in this month’s issue of VFW Magazine. It’s an article on the Zimmerman Telegram, which played a significant role in pushing the United States into World War I exactly a century ago. The article is called “Telegraphing Treachery,” and you’ll find it here.

Working with VFW Magazine was a great experience, and I’m now at work on a second article for them, to be published in a few months.



“The new go-to primer”: Review in The Journal of Church and State

My book, Struggle, Condemnation, Vindication: John Courtney Murray’s Journal toward Vatican II, is the subject of a substantial review in the spring 2017 issue of the Journal of Church and State. I’m pleased to note that reviewer Chris Staysniak, of Boston College, has some very nice things to say.

He opens by saying that the book “breathes new life” into the Murray story. He writes: “Hudock is at his best when synthesizing the complex details of theological arguments for a non-specialist audience. Making dense scholarly debate so smooth and accessible a read is no small feat. His ability to be clear and succinct is a rare gift among scholars who, when in doubt, tend to write longer and with greater density.” (I gotta tell you, that’s gratifying, because I worked hard while writing that book, trying to nail that very task.)

Finally, Staysiak concludes, “For all those interested in Murray’s fundamental ideas about church-state relations, this is the new go-to primer.”

More info in the book is here.




New The Priest article on widespread diocesan reorganizations

The May issue of The Priest includes my new article, “Reorganization Nation,” on the now commonplace practice of large-scale diocesan parish reorganization. These processes respond, of course, to the realities facing Catholic dioceses in many parts of the U.S. today. The article explores the reasons for the trend, the principles that are taking priority in carrying them out, and the expected results.

The article is here.

New OSV article on the new Lectionary Supplement

This month the Church in the United States receives a new liturgical book, the Lectionary for Mass Supplement. Since the current Lectionary was published (between 1998 and 2002), several new elements have been added to the liturgical calendar that call for new sets of readings for Mass. Of course, many new saints and their feast days are an important part of that. There are also new votive Masses. And there’s a fascinating new option for a Mass on the Vigil of Pentecost. Readings for all of this, and more, are provided in the new Lectionary for Mass Supplement.

My OSV Newsweekly article on the new Lectionary volume is here.